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09:34am 06/12/2007
  i am being ripped to shreds emotionally. why do i stay around for this.
well... because i love him. because i love him? i love him. I love him?
do i
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06:02pm 26/07/2007
  You know what?
I am so tired of hearing what a horrible person I am. Really though. We all have our flaws, so what makes mine worse than anyone else's?
I don't care for sympathy and I don't want it. I just don't understand why in every confrontation with friends:
1. it's always after we aren't friends
2. It's all of my fault.
Really. That is how it always goes. Shit hell yeah I get mad when people point out my faults, but if we are friends I am not going to be mad at you. So that is not an excuse to not tell me whatever is bothering you. I'll get over it.
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07:18pm 16/07/2007
  I really don't even know without looking the last time I wrote in this. Life is alright. I don't work at the Death Kamp.. aka Park west anymore. But I have an interview tomorrow at an art gallery in Grosse Point. I am quite excited. Uhh, Marie is back. I was excited, but things oviously won't ever be the same and that sucks alot. Things with the boy have been going great. We just got back from up north for about 5 days. I love him to death. Really I thought I was in love before and it couldnt hold a candle to how this feels. I love having one of my best friends be my boyfriend. We are even matched at video games ever.. score! but really though, my life is falling apart. HAH! so you people that i still love lets hang out and pretend that I havent dropped off the face of the earth before i come undone.  
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03:07pm 26/03/2007
  So I haven't used this bullshti in a while now. and I guess for good reason?
But as of the past two months now I have started hanging out with new people. and instead of feeling way better about myself and who I hang out with, it has gotten bad. I have felt completely down and horrible about everything. Being called a whore and a bad person by people that don't even know me that well is bullshit. I am sick of being treated like shit by these certain people. I am over it. i miss the old everything, besides my hair and clothes and weight. that is about it. sad right?
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Death of Seasons   
03:04pm 05/02/2007
  I mean it’s really nice to be working full time and to have a job. But in the same sense I feel really, really alone right now. The past two nights no one has called me, not even to talk, nonetheless hang out. It’s kinda shitty, and it’s not like I have that one person to be excited about anymore.. go figure. I am hoping good luck is going to be in my hand, soon. Real soon, in that case.  
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06:20pm 30/01/2007
  actually to edit my last entry. I shouldn't even be upset over this... just the fact ofit all pisses me off. But you know what.. I am not going to say anything mean, or act like an ass over this. All I have to say is good luck with that. hgahahahahahaha.  
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09:16am 30/01/2007
  i knew it. is all i can say. good call. hahaha fuck that shit. Im over. and over a lot of other things too.  
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01:36am 25/01/2007
  sweet M.c if I say so myself.. well if that's what it was. dude..i fucking suck.  
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06:45pm 21/01/2007
  yay,got cute new clothes with my causasian persuasian lover.hahaha BALLIN!  
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11:00pm 19/01/2007
  man, yesterday was such a long day. The interview at the Art gallery went quite well and I actually hope I get this job. Very very excited. Then of course, on my way home. my brand fucking new tire went flat.. well not flat completely shredded off of the frame. so I was stuck at 12 and telegraph for aout an hour until my mom picked me up. Then she bought me four new tires, which I appreciate greatly. Then I went home for a bit. then went over to Jesse's. Hung out with him and Mike. That was fun. Got in trouble for coming home when my mom was waking up. ooops. Then I woke up with some flu like bullshit. this sucks. whatever. Im going back to bed.  
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11:53am 17/01/2007
  I kinda want to punch you in the fucking mouth right now. But im just being ridiculous. so It wouldn't be justified. but don't say stupid shit, and then pull something completely different from what you've been saying. that's just dumb.  
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07:00pm 15/01/2007
  ahaha, Traci you are right.Courtney turned into a gross cow. hahahaha. Well today was a mom filled extravaganza.. fun right? not. Atleast I have a tire now, and I have a job interview on wednesday for this art gallery. Im so so pumped for that. and then after I think I may be hanging out with that guy. Hopefully spaghetti-o's aren't involved. hahaha. atleast disturbed will be.. ugh. hahah.
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it will be beautiful.   
12:40pm 12/01/2007
  Mannnn. I am getting bored with just about everything. I am excited that I will be getting a tire very soon, and that means I will be mobile again. Thank "hey suess". I mean I have been going out everynight. but not with who I want to be out with. I am starting to feel like a bad person. I mean I haven't comitted to anything but, I feel as if I back out I will be a bad person. It's never to late. Hey, someone hang out with me tonight. And do super fun stufffff.

p.s I solved some huge monster math equation in my dream last night. It was so awesome. I just need to figure out what it was now.

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10:54am 10/01/2007
  i think i may have gotten fucked overlast night. EXCELLENT!  
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05:00pm 07/01/2007
  when it rains it pours. Seriously. Man, I am starting to get very negative again. Well my spare is now flat. Excellent. oh yea, and my aunt will not give me the 250 (grad money) that she should have given me two years ago to fix my tires. "no it's for school" well how aout this.. I dont want to go back to school, ever. fuck this. I am in such a depressing rut with myself right now.  
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07:03pm 06/01/2007
  DUUUUDDDEEEEEE my mom got me the Amanda Woodward cd. La Decadence. SOO GOODDDDD i am so pumped.. That's right mom, even though I hate you about 50% of the time, You atleast have good taste in music, and in younger men. Mistletoe Beltbuckle, christmas tree.  
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Gus +jesse= love long time   
03:51pm 06/01/2007
  dang. Man yesterday was so stressful for the first part of the day. ut i have to thank Dominiic about ten millions times. What you did yesterday means the world to me, thanks so much.
But dominic and I went to pick up Jesse yesterday, then we dropped off dominic and went to go cash my check. Where in jesse told me the history of blue jeans. Then we went back to my house, where Gus and jesse decided to be in a relationship together. hahahahahaha. Then we went to National, I thought I was hungry... I lied. So we left and went bowling. where I totally kicked his ass. Our bowling names were sweet. I was Snakessss and he was Disturbd. HAHAHAHA Then after we left there, we went downtown Royal Oak, and snuck into the huge loft they are building on Washington. We climed all the way up to the top, and just hung out and took some pictures and threw pennis and other change off the top. Then since I have never used a fire extingisher, he found one and we sprayed it all over the place. Then we went down a few floors and found chairs,and just sat at the edge of the like 14th floor and watched everything happening below us. It was cool. then we were leaving and I noticed that one of the carts still had keys in it. So we unplugged it and drove it around in the parking garage haha. so hilarious. Then we snuck back out, unseen. STEALTH !!! then we came back to my house to watch some more wondershowzen, and ended up falling in and out of sleep until 8:30 am. then I had to take him home since he had to work at 10. It was a great night. I mean besides National, I dont ever do those things, so it was aweeesome. yesssttth.
pictures? of course.

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12:46am 04/01/2007
  this is so god damn ridiculous. Stop thinking I am like all the other friends that have fucked you over in the past. I told you I wont do that, and I am not doing. I see nothing wrong with just being friends with a guy. but of course, I am always the bad friend.  
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good/bad time   
02:40pm 03/01/2007
  Last night was soo long and bad and fun. at like 5 ish i went to pick up "hey-seuss" jesse. We played some dreamcast broke zombie game and beat it, considering Jesse was being cheap and killing my zombies. Then we went to National for awhile and made art hahaha, and listened to other peoples conversations. "seeing eye cat". Then we went to Meijers to search through the discount binssss, and I got some pretty good batteries for my camera. Everything was going sweet until I got off of the freeway, and my tire blew. So we were sitting at the corner of 12 and 94 because I didn't have a tire iron. Jesse's dad came out and helped changed my tire for me. Sweeeett. Then we went to lindas and had pretty much the most ridiculous time ever. From about 1:30 until 5:30 in the morning, we took pictures, burned hand sanitizer, I almost passed out from lack of oxygen, snapping, whistling, flicking quarters, playing skull hockey. Classy eh. here are the pictures.

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01:18am 02/01/2007
  YESSSTHHH. I am so excited for tomorrow. Haha it should be an awesome day. I get to hang out with a cool dude, and we get to do cool things. Cool beans all around eh?  
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